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We are digital media architects - helping you to navigate the digital landscape and build a sustainable business.

We are digital media architects

We drive your digital growth transformation by connecting strategy and operations. We create the change momentum to execute digital ambitions with the right combination of people, technology and processes for content owners and marketers.

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Since 2010, we have been involved in strategy formulation and implementation of digital transitions for a large number of leading European companies and trade associations (click to learn more).

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With the successful execution of over 30 projects for leading European companies and with more than 20 years of experience in digital media, we support digital transformation with a strong focus on growth. Our strategic experience enables us to have a very broad view on the digital eco-system while our hands-on mentality enables us to go fully into the details.

Digital P&L transformation

We take the approach from the P&L perspective and focus on transformation through top-line growth and design the right skills, processes and technology. We bring growth to your media sales.

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CRM for Media on Salesforce

Managing the quote to cash flow for media sales based on a track record with 15 clients, we orchestrate all processes and ensure clients, sales and finance teams have the full picture.

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Advertising Platforms

With media platforms, advertising types and data changing at record speed, we bring the experience to connect them into a single manageable platform. For all media types and all data partners.

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Data and privacy

Big-data models are impacting privacy compliance frameworks and trigger legal, IT and operational requirements to ensure EU compliance.

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Video is expanding over platforms and devices like never before. Monetization of this content is critical and requires a platform approach.

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Investment due dilligence

Validating the top-line growth potential of an acquisition by means of a transparant analysis of the technical and commercial capabilities of the organisation

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Retail Media

Retail Media is a fast growing area where brands have the opportunity to advetise their message close to the decision moment, both on- and offline.

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Platforms that are within comparison, retail or listings we support with advanced advertising platforms to optimize the use of data and ensure strong CRM processes.

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Who am I

Wouter Hulst

Launched the consultancy firm in 2009. Since then he has worked on projects for leading European brands like Grupo Prisa, Deutsche Telekom, RTL and Zalando. His expertise focuses on digital media strategy, business intelligence, audience management, privacy compliance and go-to-market strategies.

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Your team

I work with your organisation - together. I believe your organisation is the cornerstone of your digital transformation and I provide support to your team. I support with insights, experience, training and most importantly a digital change mentality

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