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Leading European digital media consultancy firm, 201 Connected Media, expands with new partners.

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With over 40 years of combined hands-on digital media experience in display, video and mobile 201 Connected Media attracts two new partners. Andries de Jonge will join the team as managing-partner, based in the Netherlands, and Johan Klaesson will do so as Sweden based partner.

The focus of the team is digital business transformation: supporting organisations and businesses to transform their digital media framework into a more transparent and manageable structure. This results in three main areas:

  • Services offered to media companies typically focused on adapting their monetization to developments in automated trading, operations, big data, video and mobile;
  • Support the go-to-market strategy of technology suppliers for this market with relevant packaging of their products and services to fuel their growth;
  • Assist companies and VCs to understand the potential in their current and/or future investments via commercial due diligences.

The digital media market is currently characterised by major changes and rapid growth. Display, Video and Mobile are all – though still at different speed – going through developments such as RTB and Programmatic Buying. Many new sorts of companies and alliances try to position themselves in order to survive and to be competitive in the future.  The management of today – and tomorrow – needs to be able to quickly evaluate who to work with, what tech to use and who to hire in an overpopulated third-party tech market where everyone is promising gold and happiness ever after.

201 Connected Media have already helped several major European Media companies with the selection, implementation and management of the new technology needed to support their business strategy. They also helped to align the strategy of several tech-providers to better meet the needs of clients. Additionally,  201 Connected Media has supported the tech and media industry with M&A advisory and capital raise services.

About the team

Wouter Hulst launched the consultancy firm in 2009. Since then he has worked on projects for leading European brands like Grupo Prisa, Deutsche Telekom, RTL and Zalando. As director a.i. he currently supports the Dutch media-reach research project ‘Vinex’. His expertise is digital media strategy, business intelligence, audience management, privacy compliance and go-to-market strategies. Before he started 201 Connected media he worked at management level for Sanoma, Dell and Cisco.

Andries de Jonge has 15 years of experience on the board of DQ&A Media Group where he led the consulting business unit. Andries has vast experience within ad-operations, automated trading and business analytics and held responsibility of sales for DoubleClick’s ad serving platform on a global level.

Johan Klaesson has over 17 years of hands-on experience from various c-level management functions in internet, e-commerce, telecom and software development. Having both a strong corporate- and start-up background,  Johan has supported companies with fund raising and international expansions. Clients range from Kinnevik, Burt, Millicom, Besedo, Fyndiq.com, Stockholm Innovation and Growth as well as Private Equity companies. Johan is also on the board of several Nordic companies within the e-commerce and ad-tech sector.


201 Connected Media’s Wouter Hulst joins Vinex as interim Director

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On the 22th of August, the members of Dutch’ publishers’ association Vinex (Dutch UKOM) approved the appointment of Wouter Hulst as interim director for Vinex. The core objective of this project which will last for 6 month’s is to establish a new cooperation between the Dutch’ publishers and to prepare a new method of measurement digital reach in the Dutch market. More info here (in Dutch) Link

201 Connected Media supports Shopping 2020 initiative with Dutch Homeshopping Org (thuiswinkel.org)

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201 Connected Media is proud to announce to be aligned with the wide Dutch industry initiative Shopping 2020 with the objective to gain insights in the shopping trends in 2020. The program is supported by government, branche organisations, industry leaders and other companies, of which also 201 Connected Media. Wouter Hulst will be part of the Customer Data Value Management team focussing on:

  • what are the best practices in orientation, selection, transaction, delivery and customer care;
  • what will be the impact of the identified trends within the program on the defined best practices – which new applications of customer intelligence will appear before 2020;
  • what are the phases an organisation needs to manage in order to succeed

More information on the program can be found here: https://www.shopping2020.nl/index.php

Comments on changes to Dutch ‘Cookie-law’

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15129681_sAs many know the Dutch legislation around cookies is rather strict and forces website owner to request a consent before any tracking is being allowed. Today (20/12/12) the Dutch government announced that the regulation will change – and the the Minister will iron out the details with the OPTA (Dutch ICO) in the near future.




The basis of the changes are:

  • Cookie’s can be used for analytics reasons with the restriction they are used fully anonymous (exact details to follow)
  • The data collected can only be used by the company gathering the data

For the full text following this link (in Dutch).

How website owners will react is still unclear but it can be expected that most of the ‘cookie information bars’ or ‘cookie-walls’ might disappear. Advertiser can still optimize their websites and check-out procedures, the only reason they need a consent know is to enable retargeting and other advances targeting capabilities – something probably not very beneficial for their customers – and therefor the expectation is that advertisers will stay low profile on collecting cookie-consent for more then analytics. Of course there will be many different possibilities, but this is in our opinion the baseline.

Once advertisers stop collecting – the impact on media is also still important. If advertisers do not massively collect cookies then is the necessity for media companies much smaller to collect them. So it is my expectation that some media companies therefore will not collect cookies aggressively (through a forced cookie-wall) except when their content is so valuable that they can still do it easily.

In short: if advertisers stop collecting cookies the need for publishers to collect them is very limited effectivly shutting down advanced targeting by 3rd parties and opening up the market for advertisers and publishers to work directly on a 1-1 basis again.

Despite the change to the law – big change is still to come.

Wouter Hulst


201 to host panel discussion on “How to optimize media buying for opt-out users”

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Together with the Dutch leading e-business publisher, Emerce, Wouter Hulst will chair a panel discussion around performance marketing for opt-out users in the Dutch market. The event will take place on November 22nd and the panel discussion is at 14:00.

For more information please visit: Emerce Performance



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